Saturday, August 26, 2023

We Went Out - Together

The forecasters have predicted rain showers, winds and flood watches for our valley for a few days. We went to bed knowing we may well wake up to a wet world. I LOVE the sound of wind and RAIN - heavy RAIN on our metal roof. I opened the windows and enjoyed the storm. 

Rainy #mugshot - Mug created over 20
years ago, by Arielle I believe. 

Allie worked late Friday night and was not up when Stacia and I had to run into town to pick up some greens for the most spoiled chickens in the valley. We ran through a coffee stand and discovered they make a great breakfast sandwich - which we enjoyed warm in our car, with a view of the mountains. Stacia dropped off a resume at a place she would like to work a shift or two a week. They didn't sound like they were hiring but one never knows. We ran to the church and set up the coffee corner. We ran to Freddies and purchased milks, coffee and cream for said corner. 

We got home with enough time to say hello and goodbye to Allie. 

We were excited for the evening. We'd been invited out to someone's house as a family for DINNER. Y'all...this doesn't happen often. Four or five years ago we were invited for a game night to a friend's. We were invited over to another's and covid lock downs interfered. We have people over. We've wondered about we assumed it was because we were a big family - but we are no longer a big family. We thought maybe it was intimidating because we were chaplains - but we are no longer chaplains. I suspect maybe people have made having others into their home a much bigger, scarier thing than it need be. Maybe, our culture has gotten so busy we neglect "breaking real bread together" - you know house to house and not at an uber-organized event/potluck. ::snort::  In any event...when we had that wildly crowded party for Stacia (who hates crowds), a friend invited us to their home for dinner! Stacia, Allie and I had been out to their place. Michael had never met Sheri's husband, Chris.  We had about 3 weeks to figure out a fun spot for GG to spend the night because we were determined to go - and their house has lots and lots of steps to the entrance. 

Allie would be working, and Stacia wanted to join us. They are our usual fall back when Michael and I want to run out together. Alex was unable to stay with GG. He often helps us out. I sent an email to Arielle and Bre and asked if either of them would like to have GG over for dinner on Friday night. We'd drop him off at 4:30 and promised to be back by 8 to get him. 

Bre and the kids responded first! It turned out wonderful. I LOVE the kids are spending time in a smaller settling with their GG, and he is able to interact with them more personally. Bella said they needed to think of a game they could play so he would think they are fun. My heart!  I warned Dad not to cheat. Yes, he does. Benny doesn't like to play games with him anymore because he is indignant that GG cheats. I knew Bella and Gideon would be too. Dad seemed surprised I would even suggest he cheat. ::snort:: 

Bre sent me photos throughout the evening - it was like going out when we had little ones at home. 

📷by BreAnne

Dominoes were a hit with all generations. Annie insisted they also play Pretty, Pretty Princess. 
📷by BreAnne

Jojo had absconded with GG's jewelry and brought it back. This was a fantastic outing for Dad. I really think we need to think about doing this on a regular basis. He must get awfully bored with the four of us. 
📷by BreAnne

While Dad enjoyed his time out with Bre and the kids, we enjoyed our dinner with Chris, Sheri and Shae. The spaghetti and salad were spot on.  The apple crisp was yummy - not sure why we don't make more of them. I've told Stacia I will remedy the sad situation. Mike and Chris toured Chris' restoration projects. Sheri and I enjoyed a visit and Shae and Stacia did the same. And then? Chris suggested we go see how the creek/river was doing. We had just enough time! The creek was more like a raging river. 

Stacia and Shae came down in their own UTV. I didn't ask about photos and Shae is a minor, so you don't get to see her charming smile. 

We had such a good evening...being out as a family with friends. The only thing which would have made it better was having Allie along. Sheri said we'll have to do it again when she can make it.  BTW I was feeling very cool in Chris' flight jacket! 

We got home right at GG's bedtime. We were trying to keep his routine as much as possible. We are all thrilled with the success of our evening out.  The evening ended differently than planned when our power went out. 

This was actually better than screen time anyway! 

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