Monday, August 28, 2023

I Can Because God Can

A few FB thoughts I shared, posted to remember. 

Dad woke up VERY early this a.m. confused, convinced I was calling him, and suffering a few ill-effects from his over-indulgence yesterday. I found myself muttering, "I can't do this forever," and God is so faithful to remind me through Holy Spirit and His word, "Yes, you can." ::snort:: I can because God can and He strengthens me clear down in the center of who I am. (Phil 4:13, Eph 3:14-21) He rules in my heart/life through faith, I KNOW He loves me and cares, He will walk with me and refill me as often as I come to Him. He can do so much more than I need or think to ask of Him.

Today, I will quit muttering that I can't and will do what He clearly says I can.
And I will drink lots of tea to stay awake. #mugshot
Note: wrote this hours ago and now Dad is at peace, satisfied with breakfast and back on course...actually decided he was tired and is taking a nap.
And I AM strengthened remembering I can do every single thing He has called me to do.

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