Thursday, August 31, 2023

Yes, There IS More than Mugs

 My day begins with a photo of an empty mug because I lived a full day before 10:30 a.m. Michael attended a prayer meeting with pastors in the valley. I decided to get as much done as I could before he returned. I got Dad up and going, made an apple crisp, air fried some salmon to turn into sandwich spread, got a pork shoulder going in the instant pot, made scones, swept and realized I hadn't had breakfast or tea....but I wanted to post a #mugshot on FB.


When Michael returned Stacia and I jetted out for our "breakfast" study - at 1100. We haven't had a SET study since women's ministry went on break. We've all been enjoying reading independently and sharing together weekly. This week we discussed college, and what we've from Philippians, Proverbs and Genesis and she from Matthew and Psalms. Once again - I remembered too late for a great photo but here's another empty mug shot. LOL


Stacia left to meet up with a new friend from college. This gal has moved from CO and so Stacia showed her around some of her favorite spots in town. 

Allie had an appointment at the dentist, and I was happy to join her. She had her first cavity filled. I thought I prepared her - and I did for the thing that bothers ME - the shot and that plastic tent thing. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention the drill. She did great but the dentist could have been WAAAAY better at telling her what he was going to was rather routine for HIM. I've not been thrilled at the changes in our dentist office since the founder retired. It was a calm, Christian environment with sweet staff....and now it's all new people - except for the dentist I like - and it's just not the same at all. AND they are not an in-system provider for our dental insurance, so it costs us out of pocket quite a bit more than if we'd go to another who was in-system.  We may switch at the start of 2024. I like a female dentist (smaller hands) and I'm not finding a female on the preferred list. What to do? 

Back at home Allie and Michael discussed a theological issue raised in one of Allie's classes. 

We picked Millie up at the groomers - she will get her own post. 

I was so happy I had put our main entree in the instant pot early in the day....I made a salad; air fried some asparagus and cooked some dilled carrots. We were ready. Jenni showed up. Jenni has been up in Denali for a couple of weeks, and we have missed her. She brought garlic bread which we warmed up while Michael sliced the meat, and I made an onion butter garlic sauce for the meat. We gathered at the table and didn't leave for several hours. I really must remember people may want to "retire to the living room." LOL  We, as a family, tend to linger at the table. After dinner and dessert, we played a round of Farkle.  This was a really good roll by Stacia, but alack and alas, one cannot see the dice. I believe Stacia won? 

I decided Jenni has been over enough to know I didn't invite her for blog fodder; I took a photo.  While we visited Jenni mentioned going to see Hamilton. "One thing led to another," and I bought three tickets to attend as well. We found seats right next to Jenni, Joelle and Laura - we're crashers that way. ::snort:: 

GG went to bed. 

We realized it IS a work night for Jenni. 

We brought the evening to an end. 

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