Thursday, August 31, 2023

Millie's New Look

 Millie has, once again, developed dread locks. We did so good keeping up on her grooming. I had made six appointments in advance, every six weeks. I did not realize at her last appointment that we didn't have another booked. I called the very next day and the soonest they could get us in was 3 months. Millie was a mess....matted. 

The biggest thing is that Millie can't see when her hair gets floppy. She gets jumpy at every noise. She also acts more ferocious the longer her hair gets. LOL 

When Stacia took Millie in the gal ran her hands down Millie's back and said, "Oh, I don't think she'll need a shave." Then she reached her legs and head...yep...a start over. I was really impressed as our former groomer took her to the SKIN when she started over and Millie always had nicks and such when we picked her up. We also got calls saying Millie was having trouble. Millie seems at peace with this groomer. Short - but not SKIN short...

That tail is a weapon when it's shaved. Allie rewarded Millie with a pupacino at home. 

She can see!

Here's the thing - some love her short look. I like longer, but not dreads. LOL  I made her a new appointment for 8 weeks as she is so short this time...and then we made appointments for ALL of 2024. She won't be forced to "start over" again - until 2025 and maybe not then if I remember to make that year's appointments next September. 

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