Thursday, March 21, 2024

Such a Fun Spring Day!

This was an incredibly busy spring Thursday. I managed to get 2 miles in on the treadmill before Dad woke up. This was a bonus!  I got dad through the morning routine and headed to the college to pick up Stacia. We enjoyed our study on atonement/forgiveness. We parted ways after lunch and she headed to physical therapy while I went to play with Bella, Gideon and Jojo. Annie and Trudy had well baby checks today. 

We had an impromptu tea party...and then played astronauts and Throw the Burrito. Before we knew it Bre was walking in the door with the girls. 

Cory and Arielle came over with the boys about the time I got home. This is an exciting day of the year! Spring is here...they began clearing paths through the snow so we can get around our yard and enjoy it a bit. The temps are in the mid 40's and the kids would like to be able to run and play in the yard, I'd like to get to the you can see the snow is still deep. Paths will help. We couldn't help but think back to Josiah and Michael making paths last April. 

Cory and Michael came up with a system involving the snow blower, shovel and pick axe. Yes, there is snow, an inch or two of ice and then lots of snow on top of the ice. 

Arielle managed to talk Dad into going out on the deck for a bit. He didn't stay out long. He never does. 

Ellie is taking her sweet time...she will arrive before the end of this month! Any time now. Both Benny and Danny were born earlier in the pregnancy than this. LOL 

Charles (above) and Danny (below) found the amount of snow quite challenging. They used up quite a bit of energy outside today.  The temps were great and the sun was AHHHmazing!  BTW, we had 12 hours of sunlight today and will be gaining more light every day now until June 21st. 

Benny managed to pull the sled with Danny on it across the yard to the playhouse. I was impressed. He called for me to come get on the hammocks, but I told him I was waiting for a path. 

While we were visiting, Stacia got home and then Jenni popped in! I extended an invite to Corielle, but they had pizza dough in their fridge at home. I'm learning my oven is simply wonky with our dinner was later than I'd hoped...none of us really minded the time to visit. We cleaned up dinner, skipped the game this week as we were running late and went right to the living room for Season 2, Episode 1 of All Creatures Great and Small. 
Jenni's project

Allie & Stacia with projects

Other news of import is these three are off on a jet plane! Josi's first trip to Florida...
📷by Carrie

I DO have photos of my bread...but today there is no need to post any of them. LOL 

1. Hugs when weeping interferes with everyday life. 

2. Glorious sun! 

3. Lots of family time today...

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