Friday, May 24, 2024

Elleira is Two Months Old!

It's such great fun to watch a baby's personality develop.  Will she be an introvert or an extrovert? Is she going to be laid back or a go-getter? Is she a morning person or a night owl? Is she a picky eater or a good eater (this one was always top in Grams' list)? We have loved getting to know Elleria Raelynn.

Ellie is loved by all, and she seems to love all in her world. Look at her eyes LIGHT up! She's a sweetheart!

What could possibly be causing such an adoring look of joy? Ah, Daddy and big brother. LOL 

Little Ellie is such a light in a hard season...much like her mama was a light born in a challenging time of loss for Michael and me. For years I had a photo of my uncle and Arielle (born on the day my uncle passed) together with the saying, "Babies are God's way of saying Life should go on." 

Yes, Ellie and her cousin Josi, have been such bright spots of joy in the midst of a hard season. I am incredibly thankful for the blessing of their lives...and 2 months already? 

I am being very conscious to spend as much time as possible with each grand in this season. They grow so fast. Getting to live in the same area as our grandblessings has been one of the biggest marks of grace in this season.

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