Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Stacia's First Canning Project

Stacia loves lemon. About a month ago she made lemon curd for the first time. It was DELICIOUS!  She wondered about making a big batch up and canning it, when she was done with the semester and had time to play in the kitchen. College is done for the year. Stacia decided to attempt her first canning project.  She made 6 or 8x the normal size batch of lemon curd. 

I was on hand to show her how the canning equipment worked. It was a simple water bath - great first project. 

While the little jars of curd enjoyed their water bath the girls and I had a tea party. Scones, cream and lemon curd....good stuff.  This was an IMPROMTU party...

Do you remember the excitement of pulling your first jars from a canner! I felt instantly connected with generations of women before me...both my grams' were great canners and their mothers before them. 
Seven half pints of lemon curd

Every jar sealed! Sucess! This little treat now sits on the pantry shelves waiting for tea parties. 

The girls will soon be busy working - this was a great break! 

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