Friday, June 28, 2024

A Hard Good Fishing Trip

Michael and Stacia did a hard good today. They went fishing. Fishing was something both of them have most often, and last done, with Josiah. I was sad to stay home with GG and Allie had to work. BUT in the end, I think it was a good thing for these two to make this trip alone.  I didn't get to go with them, but my Bahaman cruise hat did. LOL  


Michael hasn't gone fishing, except for dip netting, the last two summers. Hiking much more than a mile can be excruciating for him. The fact that he and I cannot go together due to GG's needs, and the boys' trips involved longer hikes, limited his fishing partners. Stacia bought herself a fishing license and told Michael she would like to go. I suspect both felt the trip was "for the other," but in the end both were blessed. 

The day began with the tradition of packing a lunch which will not be looked at all day. I seem to be the only one who needs sustenance when out fishing. 

A favorite place for Josiah, Jamin and Dayton (youth leader when we were at Elmendorf) was Red Shirt. Michael made several trips up with the boys as well. When we moved back Michael, and the boys went on several overnight trips to Red Shirt - staying in a US Forest cabin.  This involves driving to the Nancy Lake area, hiking in 3 miles and then back out. Mike can do the hike in - he cannot do the hike out the same day.  This limited his fishing trips with the boys the past few summers. An overnight trip was being planned with Josiah, Michael and Krista buying was not to be. 

The plan today was to drive up to South Rolly campground and put the rowboat in. They would see if there were pike at this spot. 

They also rowed up the water trail a bit of the way to see if they COULD get to Red Shirt via water. The conclusion is a paddle board would be a better bet. LOL 

They saw a couple of trout jump - maybe the same one. Both were unimpressed with it's size. They didn't see any pike. 

Stacia put it best - my goal was to spend time with Dad so it was a success.  I was told it was a great day - but it was a hard day. One couldn't help thinking of past fishing trips with Josiah and missing him in this favorite area. 

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