Saturday, June 01, 2024

A Rainy Saturday with Friends

There have been dear families we've met over our years in ministry. The F family is one such family. We enjoyed attending church together, we've had them over and they've valiantly tried to have us over.  We always have a great time when we pull it off.  

There are many blessings in our current season, we thoroughly love ACF, but this has been a season of compounded losses. One of the losses we have grieved is the loss of most of the community we had built over the past 7 years. We no longer automatically see most on a weekly basis, which naturally results in a loss of community. All that to say these invitations mean much. 

We had planned to go over at Passover...we have rescheduled SIX times...until today NO ONE WAS ILL, and we actually got together. Rebekah and I have enjoyed many laughs over the constant rescheduling.  We pulled up and Morgan began jumping up and down. I can't tell you how good it was to get my arms around this girl. 

These two are precious. Morgan ran and got Michael a Dandelion for his hair - and he wore it - while he chatted with Jason as he BBQ burgers and dogs. 

These guys played an amazing game of tag in the RAIN...the harder it rained, the faster they ran! 

Jon, Andrew, Leah, Allie & Stacia

Jason, Rebekah, Michael and I caught up while the kids also caught up, played tag, games and made music.  We ended our time together with a rousing rendition of "The Belly of the Whale" by all the F kids.  Alas and alack once again - not one photo of many of us...I threw off myblogging groove and am getting back into it. LOL 

We have had a busy week and spending the afternoon with this sweet family was a great end to the week. We are now going to complete our day of rest with hot drinks, blankets, books and/or Britt Box and REST...

And this blogging thing...I had hoped to catch up May by the end of this week - but we've had a busy week. I count it as a success to have kept up with blogging this week....expect random back posts from time to time over the next weeks. 

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