Friday, June 14, 2024

Bachan Break

Yesterday was an emotional day.  I spent the night with Josiah's girls! A Bachan break from life is just what I need. Today I will spend the day with Livie and Josi while Carrie goes to work. The morning begins early with Carrie leaving for work around 0600. It wasn't too long before Josi woke up. We snuggled on the couch and watched a movie. 

Mornings with Livie and Josi 

This is my first day to watch Josi with Liv home from school. She's a great helper and the day was even more fun than the past weeks. After our movie Liv was ready for some alone time. Josi was ready to eat, and we tried the new crib routine. 

Bachan is a sleep training fail. Josi was happiest sleeping in my arms...and at this point I wanted her calm and settled because we had a long day ahead of us. LOL  BTW, we did figure out the crib by the afternoon. 

Precious moments

After lunch Stacia came over to visit and play. I was so glad she did. She made sure it was a really fun day for Liv. We started with a walk to Walmart. OK - doesn't sound exciting - but we lived in Eagle River when the Walmart was built and walking to Walmart for ice cream was a gherkin thing. We used to walk from Teklanika and Carrie and the girls live much off we went. What a blessing to make new memories and share the previous memory with a new generation of Gherkins. Liv was happy to go along with us...and she picked out snickers ice cream treats - Josiah's favorite. 

Stacia, grumpy Josi, Liv, Me

Beautiful day for a walk 

Josi was happy with the change into summer clothes. We had just gotten back home when Willow alerted us someone was at the door. 
Josi and Stacia

Noah and Larissa came to visit. This was perfect as they will be making a trip soon and I have been hoping to spend some time with the two of them before they leave the state for a bit.  We tried "tummy time." 

"C'mon baby I'll help you escape!"📷by Larissa

📷by Larissa

While we visited Liv and Stacia set up the slip and slide in the backyard. There was no way I was running and jumping onto wet plastic with Liv, but they had a great time. LOL 
📷by Livie

We played.  Josi now giggles and rolls over (though I didn't see this).
📷by Larissa

We ate and Josi slept.

I bought "Outfoxed" a bit ago with an eye towards inside activities for grands next winter. Liv agreed to help us try it out and decide if it would work well. It is a cooperative game and was fun for the three of us. I think the 7 and up crowd will enjoy it. 

Jared picked Liv up and took her out to Red Robin for dinner. I got Josi sleeping in her crib. Stacia and I enjoyed some quiet time together. Carrie got home at 8 p.m. and we drove back to the valley. Ironically, Carrie was stuck inside on a glorious day, and it RAINED on or drives home. 

GG was in bed when we got home. 

Michael and Cory got a boatload of work done around here today. 

Allie was busy lining up a new job; I don't know that I'll share more just yet. Now, we're praying for the applications and resumes Stacia has put out to pay out as well. 

It was a good Friday. 

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