Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Living Their Best Life

Because I realize the previous post may have been a bit much for those who read the blog for the fun and happy doings of the Gherkins....here's a fun and happy blog post. 

What does one do with 100% fresh ground, whole wheat, freshly baked sourdough frisbees? In our home we feed them to the chickens. 

These chickens are living their best lives...piles of weeds, forest of grasses, watermelons (yes, we feed the chickens watermelon y'all!!), scraps... Note all the hens are enjoying melon, greens and bread and the rooster is crowing up a storm - missing out on the good stuff. 

We have pots of grass for them to peck through. 

Michael moved a stinky mess of compost he's cooking into the chicken yard as it attracts tons of flies for the chickens to enjoy. 

We still want to re-seed the chicken yard. The only thing keeping us from having them in the untamed side of the garden... is moving them back and forth each day. I can think of no way to do it other than carrying them one by one...it may be less time consuming than hauling grass clippings and weeds to them each day. When the garden isn't planted, we let them free range...but just now they and the moose are inordinately interested in the salad buffet in the garden. 


Anonymous said...

Chickens will eat anything. Ours love Daisy's cat food.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We are discovering the same thing.