Wednesday, June 26, 2024

More Damage Than a Moose

 I raced out to the garden for a bit of therapy. I'm not going to lie, I had a hard wake up this morning...I woke up hearing Josiah's laugh. I decided I wasn't ready to leave the garden even though I was watering. I began to weed and just run and dodge the sprinkler. It worked well until the last bed. Maybe I was tired? I looked up and the sprinkler got me full in the face. I jumped and tripped in the space between the beds. My foot hit one of the beds, I went down. I landed on the edge of the bed and fell into the kale and lettuce.  And this is how I KNOW I can do more damage than a moose in the garden. 

I harvested the broken leaves and patted the plants back into place. I think they'll grow more leaves. 

I have a new tool - a battery powered weed eater. Michael got this for me as I simply can't use the big gas powered one, he has.  This morning, I got to work with the weed eater...under the electric garden fence, the weeds behind the hoop house, I unleashed the trailer...I went through two batteries. Note all the weeds behind the baptistry and the blue rocking chair. They are gone in the photo above. We'll need to get more cardboard and beds or something but for now I can at least keep them mowed down. 

Allie worked today and did a bit of work early this morning on her Art Appreciation class. She is working at an animal boarding/day care center and loves her job.  Stacia had counseling today as well as her Japanese class.  Both were out of the house. GG and Michael both slept a lot of the day. It was a quiet day.

Nolan called to see if he could drop by. Always. After everyone else got home we built a fire. It seemed fitting to finish the homemade ice-cream by the fire with Nolan. 
Nolan, Michael, Stacia, Allie

We haven't had homemade ice-cream (or any ice cream really) around the fire since we were full-time RVing in 2015. 

I joked that I was going to tell Rob (urgent care doc) I got blisters on the bottom of my feet when we had a contest to see who could keep their feet in the fire the longest. 

They responded by asking if Michael had any wax broccoli boxes nearby.  It's been a long day and is actually a new day now. I just can't seem to close down by brain until it gets dark...and at 12:26 a.m. I can STILL SEE. 

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