Thursday, July 04, 2024

Early on the 4th of July

Early on this holiday morning, Carrie left for work. Liv slept in, but this girl is a morning person! It's hard to believe Josi will be 5 months old on the 7th. 

Josi's smile is contagious! Josi ate, played a bit and then took a really long nap.  My favorite place for her to take a nap is in Bachan's arms. 

She woke up from her nap around the time Livie was ready to get the day going. Liv was excited to show me the popsicles she and Carrie had made from pineapple juice. 

Around noon Stacia and Nolan showed up. Unfortunately, Nolan wasn't feeling well and ended up staying at the house. Stacia helped the girls and I get everything together and get out the door. We had a parade to attend - truth be told we were participants on Team Jared's behalf. 

Carrie got home early and was home when I got the girls back home. We dropped them off and headed back to the valley. 

We had a family meeting to discuss some upcoming opportunities.   

It was a fun day for all of us. 

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