Saturday, July 06, 2024

Paint Night with Sara - Girls Night Out!

Everyone had the day off work. Stacia arranged a paint night for us. She invited all the girls...but Larissa and Krista are still traveling, and Carrie was unsure how Josi would do at such an event.  We attended a Paint Night with Sara and Co in Wasilla. It was FANTASTIC. Sara and Lorri are great. We were happy that Arielle and Jenni were able to join Stacia, Allie and myself. 

It is past time for a girl's night out. The room is spacious, and they had plenty of room for the 5 of us in their class...six counting Ellie Rae. 


Because, obviously, I cannot take a photo with my mouth shut! 
📷by Arielle

I was off to a rough start - but it got better! 

They were great with Ellie Rae. They bought her a little easel and canvas. 
Painting is hard work for Ellie & Bachan. 
📷by Arielle

Bachan and Ellie's finished paintings. I love her little canvas. Priceless memory we have with HER even though she won't remember it with us. LOL Note my painting was pretty respectable until we added all the fireweed. I should have stopped...who has seen fireweed as tall as a mountain???? It makes me laugh. 

📷by Arielle

It was a fun evening....and hey I have a new white elephant gift for the next bunco party. 
Arielle & Ellie, Allie, Me, Jenni, Stacia

I saw a painting with a stack of books and a cuppa tea on top...I want it...but I can't buy it...I have to go paint it. Hmm...maybe a fun winter event.  We left the paint shop and headed to Blaze pizza for dinner. 

I think we need to plan more girls' nights out. I miss these types of nights out; we certainly need to get in a lot of time with Krista before she moves next summer. 

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