Friday, July 05, 2024

Sequential Vortex

 Are you familiar with the concept of a sequential vortex? One sets out to complete a simple task, which invariably leads to unplanned consequences. Stacia set out to frame and hang some photos. The problem is that she shares a room and Allie had things that may need to be hung on the same wall.  She'd need to wait until Allie got home from work. 

At this point she focused on the "clutter" stacked along the wall which would receive the photos. She needed to declutter...but the stuff was going to go on the top bunk of the loft/cave bed she'd created. She didn't want to do that until there was plywood on the board. She'd been waiting for months for the plywood to materialize.  At this point she and I headed to Michael's garage in search of plywood that would fit. She HAD measured.  We hauled it into the house, asked Michael if we could use this peace of coveted, squirrelled away plywood. He agreed. We hauled it down the stairs, into their room and lifted it into place. 

I'm not sure HOW Stacia measured but the plywood was about 2 - 3 inches too long. I asked Michael if I should use a handsaw or the sawsall...he brought in a circular saw and took care of it. He then lifted it into place for us. 

At this point Stacia began fussing about chips of wood falling into her face while she sleeps. Since the quake of Northern Japan, she seems to worry about things falling onto her face while she sleeps. She decided she would need to cover the wood in fabric. 

We headed to what was created to be my "PHOTO closet" which had quickly morphed into a family "CRAFT closet." As I slowly opened the door skeins of yard, bags of fabric, old college projects and even a Christmas Tree cascaded out into the house at large! Clearly this closet had become the girls' overflow storage as I haven't worked on photos since we moved into the house in ::cough::  ::gasp:: 2017. 

Obviously, this led to organizing the closet....2 garbage bags of trash and 3 garbage bags for the thrift store later and we felt good about the closet. Allie came home from work as we were putting things back into the closet and sweeping up the mess. Stacia clued her in on the happenings. 

In the midst of cleaning the closet we found a piece of fabric Stacia deemed perfect to cover the plywood. Stacia got Michael's staple gun, we lowered the wood to the floor and attached the fabric. We then put it back up again. Done. 

Stacia moved the storage tubs she was storing to the top of the loft/cave bed. 

We took a break to grab a bit of sustenance. 

Finally, it was time to hang photos, that which began this afternoon long activity.  Typically, Michael does not want us hanging photos. He likes things measured and leveled and its easier to do it himself than see it "off" for the duration. I asked where his picture hanging kit was. He wasn't sure. He usually takes the bait and hangs things when he sees us looking for the kit - but not tonight. I suspect he decided he doesn't spend a lot of time in the girls' room and he could live with chaos on their walls.  We eventually laid all to be hung on the floor in a pattern and set too. 

A few hilarious shenanigans ensured at which point I activated my karate hands and settled things into a sane pattern of hanging. 

Not to fear the laughter and shenanigans continued. I love spending time with these girls. I am enjoying their summer "break." 

Not to worry, girls - I've got this! 

It works. Allie's artwork on the left and top. I believe it's her memorial hanging with Josiah and all our names at the bottom of the clock. Stacia's art and a Jane Eyre quote on the right. I would probably have spread them out to cover more of the wall - but it's THEIR room and they believe in a "box theory" of wall decorating. ::grin:: 

It's taken them awhile, but they are coming up with a room they both are happy with. I thought a carpet was in the works, but I believe they are having trouble finding one that will match the wall and their personal style. 

I was pretty sure having the closet organized would lead to better sleep - and possibly having this project done would help with that as well. 

Note: I have been doing far too much comfort eating the past months. I have extended grace to myself, but grace doesn't mean no boundaries. It's time to get the weight off. BUT I'm not going to hide from capturing fun family moments along the way. Fluffy people deserve fun and family members as well as teeny people. LOL 

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