Friday, May 08, 2009


We were sitting in a restaurant (as we had no kitchen yesterday). I heard a little growl sound. The man at the table next to us started laughing.

Zander: "Mom, see that beautiful woman?"

Me: "Yes?"

Zander: "When I saw her, I went *grrrowl*."

Me: "Zander that is a disrespectful way to treat women."

Zander: "That's what Bugs Bunny and the Hunter do when they see a beautiful woman."

Me: "Huh?"

I told Mike later that I need sequels for Squire and the Scroll. Josiah told Mike that he'd better have that talk earlier with Zander.

BTW, the lady was probably a bit alarmed at the growl, but was smiling when she heard the conversation. What lady wouldn't like to know such a charming young man finds her beautiful?

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Wild Homeschool Family said...

Oh my, well at least the people took it well. Can't really help what kids come out with sometimes!

Darshia said...

Oh my. Forgive me for smiling, but he reminds me of my AJ in many ways. He has no qualms about walking up to teenage girls, introducing himself and charming them with his chatting...he started this when he was 7! I've learned to chaperone him better.

all in the family said...

BWHAA!! You can't help but smile at the Zanderisms.

Cynthia said...