Monday, October 19, 2009

First Contact with OUR Farmer (Monday)

I'm excited. Every morning as I walk, I pray. I've asked God to give me His heart for our Japanese neighbors. I've spent some days in tears at the realization that less than 1% of the people in this country know Jesus. It's breathtaking. It's heartbreaking. It's unfathomable. We so badly want to make contact with the few Japanese neighbors in the area. One is the farmer who has horses behind our home. He has "posted" signs in ENGLISH, rope barricades and fences. I have been trying to find someone Japanese to ask if it would be culturally brutish to ignore the ropes to take them something baked and a note.

Last week Zander began to walk with me. I'm working to teach him a bit of tact with his zeal. He told one sweet lady, "I'm sorry that you are wrong about God. There is one true and living God and His name is Jesus, you have to know Him so that you can go to heaven." I'm fairly sure she didn't understand his conversation, and Zander is now determined to learn Japanese. Anyway, his theology is fairly sound….but I want to find a gentler way to communicate Christ's love. I've had quite a few thoughts, I'd love to dialog and blog about….but no Internet. ::snort::

ANYWHO….last week one farmer and his wife (?) fell in love with Zander. Oh, it's a trial for a boy with his particular alphabet labels to have strangers talking to him, rubbing his hair and such…Social situations are difficult for him when he can understand the language. He's doing great. He did pull his hood tight at one point and said, "I think she may steal me if she sees much more of my blonde hair." ::snort:: ::gasp:: ::chortle:: He's done well….and tried out his few phrases several times.

We are always careful not to broach the farmer's ropes etc. We HAVE discovered a pond behind us. We can reach it without crossing his boundaries….and we are careful not to approach any closer than the fence allows. I was nervous today to see the farmer out during our walk. His wife, earlier, had made it clear that they are leery of all the new Americans. He stayed out while we watched ducks and talked. As we headed back to our home, he stepped into the road.

I said, "Ohiyogozaimasu". He responded. He motioned us close.

He told us to "touch" the ponies he had. We communicated…as best we could. I learned the ponies are 4 years old, he KNEW where we lived, he owns the horses behind us, he invited us to walk to the corral with the ponies…AND :::drum roll::: he told us we can fish for "big BASS" in his pond…but "caution". I think he told us he is the landlord…but we may not have communicated that word right. I KNOW that he owned the land that has been built upon.

He said much more and I said, "Summimasen, Nihongo ga wakarimassen "."Excuse me, I'm sorry, I don't understand Japanese." He smiled big, laughed and said, "skoshi anatawa wakarimasu!" You understand a little. I laughed. I told him (in English) that we are trying to learn Japanese.

Zander yelled, "Sayonara," as we left…when we turned the corner our farmer was waving at us.

I was so excited that we called Mike, on the cell I carry since spraining my ankle last week. We also stopped to share with Windy on the way home. We've been praying to broach the silence. We have three years to live Jesus before our farmer. I pray we are an accurate example of His life and love. I'll bake something to take over. I've been composing a letter in my mind…..I need to get out the dictionary and try to get into Japanese what we want to say to go with the baked goods. Better yet, I'm trying to make contact with Akiko to begin our one on one language lessons. I bet she would translate it.

Still, God gently reminds me that though my less polite American neighbors have had the advantage of hearing of Him…I need the same zeal to live Him out before them.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good to hear your updates :0)


Romany said...

I KNOW that you and Windy (especially combined!) are going to make an eternal impact wherever you go.

Kim said...

That is soooo sooo awesome! And, he might be your landlord. Sometimes they rent the land to the homeowner (who is another of your landlords). Or not.

If you want to "wow" them, try to make a baked good that is not too sweet and that uses a fall product - chestnuts, pear, persimmon or sweet potato. Oh, cranberries can be good too. For recipes (other than cranberries), I often 1/2 the sugar for my Japanese friends. Oh, and never give only 4 of anything - 4 is the same word as death and is not good. 5 is a good number! And, if you want to start a give and take relationship - give it on a non-disposable plate/tupperware thing. They will "have" to return it to you with something else in it, and the give and take will continue on and on. This is a good thing, by the way! - and even if you use a disposable plate, they WILL give you something back that visit or the next. It is also said that if you bring something to someone, it gives you "the right" to stand in their entry way and talk a bit - so don't give it and hurry home.

Feel free to ask us about the letter if you don't have time to ask Akiko-sensei in time!

Good to read all your posts! Love the toilet slippers!!! Oh, and I hope you have a couple of pairs for visiting guests - no, not us for awhile at least, but maybe that Farmer and his wife might come!!!

Cynthia said...

We were only out of the country for two weeks and yet we found it incredibly frustrating by the end that we really couldn't communicate much with anyone unless they chose to communicate with us since almost all of those in European countries speak English.
GOOD JOB on trying to learn their language.

Renee said...

How wonderful to meet your neighbors.

Anonymous said...


Love the frank way Alexander talks. Nothing like a cute little guy speaking to melt hearts. WOW will they ever melt with Stacia and Arielle. I love all the Zanderisms!

PTL for this happening. God is so good and He will find a way for you to reach out...... Will be praying for you all and will include Wendy also.

Love/prayers -- Mom T.

Dana said...

What a great story! I SO love to meet foreigners on their own ground. I got to meet Spaniards and French people several years ago and loved being able to breach the communication walls.


Darshia said...

This is neat! Our Lord of personal relationships has the right families in the right place to do His good work! Wonderful to read. Praying.

Julie Zesch said...

Hey De'Etta, I've been catching up on the blog. What a beautiful post. God is so good with His orchestration. I know He will continue to guide you as you let your light shine. Blessings to you all, Julie

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah, how great to see all my friends still "here" to have time to catch up with everyone....soon I'll have Internet. LOL

Jodi said...

Glad to hear you got to meet your farmer.