Monday, October 19, 2009

Toilet Slippers (Friday)

Our lease says we will not wear shoes in our home.

I love this, really. The idea is not to mar the carpet or the wood floor. For me, I've discovered that there is something truly symbolic about leaving your "work" shoes at the door and donning fuzzy slippers.

Our entry
We have very slick wood floors (and steep stairs). I have been on the look out for slippers. Mike and I and the older two were able to find great slippers at the BX. We could find nothing for the little ones.

The other day while at Sanwado (think Wal-Mart), I was able to find 98 yen slippers. What a STEAL. I picked up three pairs for the little ones.

I was rewarded with squeals of delight at home. "Mine have Minnie on them!"

"Mine have angels on them!"

"Mine have a boy going to the toilet on them!"



::snort:: Ah…toilet slippers. Many homes here have slippers that are housed outside of the bathroom and used only to go into the toilet….I unintentionally bought the kids toilet slippers…. But they work.

Choosing Joy!
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vcitywife said...

Do you have the drains in your bathroom floors? We call them wet baths. I'm sure you've probably seen them in the Philippines! We like "toilet" shoes when we have wet baths--shower head only on the wall with no partition.
We, also, don't wear shoes in our home but it is warm here. Can't imagine not wearing shoes on slippery floors during the winter! Look forward to hearing how you manage it!

Jamie Z.

Cynthia said...

We don't wear shoes here either, but none of us like to wear slippers either. we just run around in bare feet or socks even in the winter. We're weird I know (LOL)! We have friends who always bring their own slippers when they come to our house.

Kristine said...

LOL! I don't wear shoes in my house because I just prefer not to. When people come over, they almost always kick off their shoes, and I worry that they think they "should." It's interesting to me, no one EVER did anything like this when I was growing up. (Maybe because we all wore shoes, lol.)

Funny about the toilet slippers! Trevor's been wearing my thick socks this week since it's been cold, and as he continues to try to skate on our wood floors, I wonder when we'll end up in the ER...

Janette said...

We haven't worn shoes in the house since the early 90's and living in Hong Kong. For good reason. Everything poops on the street and you may step in it...Why bring in the "outside" to yur quiet inside world?
I love it. My children continue it as adults. My son in law is slowly catching on. He says it is more relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Sis: I still like to leave my shoes at the door. I love the idea of this.... keeps things so much cleaner and yuck when it comes to what one walks over daily. Here and at school it is spit, spit, spit. I get sick of seeing spit everywhere. Anyway, have fun learning all the new things. It really is fun.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Dana said...

That's a lot of "shoe changing"! LOL I love the idea of leaving your shoes at the door, but alas, in our house it's just idea. It just doesn't seem to stick. Now, the toilet shoes I can see, I guess, especially upon learning about the different uses of the bathroom in different countries. :)

Darshia said...

Lol! Is that a pink piggy hiding int the shoe cubby? That's more adoreable than the toilet slippers.

Well, living in AK was a good warm-up for removing your shoes at the door, eh?

berrypatch said...

I make my kids take their shoes off simply so we can FIND them when it's time to go. I never make adults take them off but some will when they see all the shoes by the door. I also have on socks and/or Crocs. I LOVE the toilet shoes though. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

OK - I've always taken my shoes off at the door. This is very much an Alaskan thing too.....but I've never seen workmen, movers etc dake their shoes off.

YES - it is a LOT of shoe switching.

I plan to have a basket of socks (bleached after each use) and slippers for guests....first to get some guests. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

DARSHIA - good eye. YES - that is a pink pig stashed with our shoes. Ah...Stacia and her animals and babies. LOL