Monday, November 30, 2009

Advent Hunt Calendar

Nope, we don't believe it's all about gifts...though you can read my thoughts on gifts at Christmas. ::snort::

We have seen families do Advent Calendars for years and simply couldn't get into it. One, we didn't want 9 calendars to open each day. Two, I didn't really want small toys or candy around all month. Those are tiny doors on the calendars. We WANTED an easy count down to Christ's birth. The "Advent Hunt Calendar" was born.

I bought this at Target last year.


We love hunts and riddles. Mike and an assistant write up clues to put in each tiny box. I buy gifts at the $ store or the Y store....

Each night we have a Scavenger Hunt....(tonight's) AFTER our devotional.


At the end of the hunt they find a small gift...tonight a Rubik's cube type of puzzle.


I thought I should explain as new readers may wonder what in the world we're doing night after night. ::snort::

{For those who are wondering ~ Tonight's Clue: "It's just a mattress without these." It was hidden in my linen closet. If nothing else this will ensure I get the closets cleaned after the kids tear through them nightly. ::snort:: Great fun!}

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ing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

and we will enjoy each night's hunt thru your eyes. love/prayers --- Dad/Mom T.