Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Conversation at our home:

Zander: Where are you going now?

Mom: The Onsen.

Zander: What's that?

Mom: Japanese Public Bath.

Zander: You mean everyone is naked?

Mom: Yes.

Zander: You're going to get naked with them?

Mom: Laughing, yes.

Zander: Sickos

Yes, I am and at the end of this very, very long and busy day, I'm totally looking forward to it. ::snort::

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~Coram Deo~
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Michelle said...

Too funny!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good for Zander :0)

(That doesn't mean I think you shouldn't go there... I just like that he's thinking morally.)

Glad you had a good time!


Anonymous said...


How cute! Think I agree with him but..... I'm game to try but it would be easier to sky-jump etc. ::):):

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Cynthia said...

Great cultural experience or not you couldn't PAY me to go there.... and I've done a lot of crazy things (LOL)....

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Did none of you do showers in PE? Was it only overseas in bording school that we had a huge shower room with many faucets and all showered at the same time after sports or PE? This is no different. Much nicer really as you get your own tub to soak in. Well....some of them are big, but it's not like you are sitting near each other or anything....it's really much less shocking than the group showers I remember...or at least not different.