Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Advent Hunt & Musing

Mike and the kids went ahead with the Advent devotional and hunt while I soaked in a HOT tub. ::snort::

Tonight's Clue: Here's a Hent about Cortez. Hmmm...gotta know we collect G. A. Henty, so that may not be a spelling error. Yep, the gift was behind, "By Right of Conquest" by G. A. Henty. Good find, Arielle.

I am so blessed here. I'm not sure WHY I've been blessed with really good friendships so quickly. I ALWAYS pray for friends. I ALWAYS end up with at least one life-long friend from each assignment....but this is a strange season. I had prayed for the past 7 years for more margin, more time for friendships and relationships....and here I am. I'm busy. I'm happy. God's moved me into a season that certainly carries a lot of responsibility, though some days are busy, most days are less busy than I've been for the past many years. I'm NOT running two food co-ops, I'm not running a local PWOC.... He's provided quick friends.....friendships that feel much deeper than they should this quickly. Today, I ended up with several meetings, drama for Arielle and a doc visit. I had TWO friends both willing to watch Stacia as needed - and both friends I FELT COMFORTABLE leaving Stacia with. That's amazing. In fact, I called one in the middle of the day because I wasn't sure of the next step on my schedule. Where was I supposed to meet her? ::snort:: At the end of the long day I went out with another friend for a bowl of ramen and to soak at the Onsen.....and the fellowship was sweet....and I believe refreshing for both of us. SO....here I am in a busy season of life feeling quite refreshed, blessed, and at ease.

The doc....I finally found one who agrees with me. ::snort:: It took 3 doctors but hey....he agreed. He's a Christian. He's the chief of medical staff here.....and he said that I can come off Zocor. He said at my age, with my risk factors, I have a 4% chance of a heart attack in the next 10 years. ON the Zocor I have a 3% risk. He agreed that if it were his wife, given our specific factors, he wouldn't want her on the drug. He was concerned that my blood pressure was 145/94. OBVIOUSLY, working out was doing something for me. I wasn't losing weight at a rapid pace...but it DID keep my blood pressure way, way lower. SO.....I'm to get back into my typical lifestyle, figure out how to workout "aerobically 45 min most days of the week," go off the meds...and see him again in 3 months. I pushed for 6. We agreed on 3. He said there is a new test out that helps to measure the family risk factor. I don't really understand it, it's a blood test and gives them a "reasonable guess" as to if you've started heart disease and how long you may have until a major incident. He says its best to have the test without the Zocor as it can mask the results....so he's willing to let me go off, take that test, retest my numbers and then visit again.

Diabetes: My thyroid disease, gestational diabetes, family history and elevated cholesterol all put me at "high risk" for diabetes. They ran the big dog test and my blood sugars are great. He said to keep in mind that I'm at high risk and make lifestyle changes now....but that I can still have my treats from time to time.....my sugars average 81....that's GREAT. Now family can quit worrying. I'm taking care of myself.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Debbie said...

All very good news! It is nice to have a health care provider that will listen to your concerns. You probably already know this, but read up on Red Yeast Rice supplements. Very interesting for reduction of Cholesterol.

Anonymous said...

My thyroid doesn't work either. Surprised?

Michelle said...

Good for you for persevering and finding a good doctor! I'm glad you're making the time to take care of yourself. You're setting a great example for your children.

Paula said...

If you're willing to consider some serious dietary changes, look into Dr. Dean Ornish's program for reversing heart disease. My dad had a major heart attack about four years ago and was lucky to survive. As he recovered he studied everything he could find on the effects of diet and lifestyle on heart disease, and decided to try the Dean Ornish program. My dad had a pretty decent lifestyle before his heart attack--my family always ate lots of whole grains and vegetables, and he ran regularly, even running marathons every other year or so. Even so, the changes with the Ornish program were pretty drastic--no meat or dairy, practically no fat--lots of beans and vegetables I guess. It worked. My dad was able to get off all his meds, and when he went in for a very thorough Foreign Service physical to determine his assignment availability they found no signs at all of heart disease. Heart disease and diabetes run in my family, so it's something I watch closely...
Best wishes for a happy advent season!

Anonymous said...


We are very happy that you have special and close friends. Wonderful! I'd say you must be very good friends to go to the Onsen together. I know one thing for sure..... I'd stay under the water..... :):)

God really has blessed you from the time you met Mike and on. God blessed us when he gave you to us. I find it so awesome how love just continues on and on and on.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Cynthia said...

You are blessed to have found good friends AND a dr you like so soon! YEA!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the tips. I know exerise is big....and plan to do something about that....soon. LOL