Monday, January 11, 2010

Bowling on Base

Jared had youth group tonight.

The rest of us went bowling.

Josiah didn't like this turn.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

A strike!

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

My wrists don't like bowling. I was able to work on turning the blog into a book. I decided to do this first book on Blurb. I'm working on Sept 05 - Dec 05. It's going to be more work than I thought, because I'm editing posts to fill up as much space as possible. I have created a few layouts because I didn't like the templates for a certain post etc. It's slow going, but I've got 20 pages done. Originally they said the book would be 141 it says 112. I really NEED to put more than one post on a page rather than leave pages blank. I am also increasing the font to a size I think will be easier to read.....having fun. Now that I have the blog uploaded through last night, and Book Smart from Blurb too...I can work on it while I wait for various things. Cindy, they clearly warn you if you have a photo that is the wrong size for the spot. I'm doing this first spot of time to see what I think before I attempt all of 2006. It's quite apparent that I'm either going to have HUGE books or have to make several for each year.

We dropped by the post office and the book I was supposed to review last week finally arrived. There was another book from another publisher for review too. Both sent media mail...both took well over a month to arrive. I'm a believer. I'll continue to pay for priority. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

:):):):) Sis:

Bowling is a game I have lost all my skill in..... Did Stacia make a strike? Looks like everyone was having a lot of fun..... Mikhail bowls everyweek. When he was in high school he was on the varsity bowling league. :):)

So much fun seeing what all you are doing and join in on the fun even though we are far awaya.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Renee said...

Media rate is very slow going overseas. First it has to get to California through the USPS and then it gets taken by the military to Japan on 'space available".. and chances are it goes to Tokyo to get sorted prior to heading to Misawa.

Priority is the only way to go when one is overseas.

Cynthia said...

DeEtta, Thanks for the info. I'm anxious for you to have the book in hand to see how the quality of the photo looks! So glad you're researching this one! YEA!