Monday, January 11, 2010

Japan - Unique Opportunity for the Right Individual

Looking for one special person who loves children, to live at Choosing Joy for a week to a month. Said person will homeschool Mike and De'Etta's children, live in Mike and De'Etta's house, parent Mike and De'Etta's children; but not be able to drive in country. Said person will kiss all boo boos, mend all torn clothes, be responsible for smooth functioning of home for snatches of time during De'Etta's upcoming travel schedule. Employment package includes travel to Japan, lodging for term of service, lots of heavenly jewels and much appreciation. Must be recommended by at least 3 mothers, a panel of religious leaders, a panel of medical specialists and siblings of G family. Interested Applicants see note below.*

What do you think? ::snort:: Yes, I have been begging God for creative ideas to deal with the upcoming schedule conflicts between my ministry as Asia Region PWOCI President and Mike's ministry as a USAF chaplain.

We have dates. Mike will leave Japan the end of Feb. There is discussion on what will happen for the last two weeks of March between his training and arriving on the East Coast. He'll return home, the end of October.

This means, once again, God has clearly directed that I NOT be a PWOCI Trainer. This is the ONE position I've wanted in PWOC. ::snort:: It simply won't work for me to attend training in NM and travel internationally 3 times this Mike will be gone.

It also means that I've had "logistic complications" for the two trips I "must" make and the 3 or 4 I'd "like" to make this spring. We've been praying. Everyone I THOUGHT of asking to come stay with the kids is either working, in college, homeschooling their own families, or moving to America. ::snort:: I thought it would be a LOT to ask someone who just met us to take this on.....but I have had offers of help.

We currently have someone praying about traveling to Japan for part or all of March. I'll be able to use others who have offered help to provide logistics for those at home with no transportation.

Yes, this post began silly and is intentionally vague. The purpose of the post is to share Michael's upcoming travel information under an innocent title and to remind you that I covet your participation in our lives through prayer.

*No, I'd never REALLY have someone I don't know well stay with my children while I'm out of country. BUT I would appreciate all prayers for our upcoming spring.

Choosing Joy!
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Kim said...

Do you have specific dates for your travel in March, yet?

Paula said...

With all Japan's technological achievements, I'm surprised they haven't yet developed an insta-clone-omatic machine. Step inside the booth and walk out 2 minutes later with a perfectly functioning clone of yourself! It might solve your scheduling problems...

You have my prayers.

Michelle said...

De'Etta, I'm praying for a positive and uplifting outcome to the logistical dilemmas placed before you. I'll also be praying for your family during Mike's upcoming deployment. Thank you all for your years of service, dedication and sacrifice for our country.

Darshia said... isn't the first day of prayer for this. I even asked gh to join on this one when you gave a glimsp of glitches in previous posts. Continuing prayer.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Dad/I are sure praying. I'd be there and so would he in a minute if possible. I'm suppose to be able to go back to work on the 19th. Arm seems to be doing good. PTL!

Praying about all of this. love/prayers --- Mom T.

How about someone in China?

Janette said...

I like the China offer idea- it might make a good respite for someone.
I would LOVE to do it- but I HATE to fly! LOL- that comes from am Army wife who saw 22 countries in the 17 years in!
If you still need help in the summer....LOL

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

I know I am not "family" but if I could I would so jump on a plane to help out. I will pray for all of you!

Cynthia said...

So glad your brother is able to come and help!

Anonymous said...


Dad said, "hey what about me" I am not working? :):):) anyway would be a good idea if,...... so many if's in our lives just now... :):):) love/prayers Dad/Mom T. He was joking....