Monday, January 11, 2010

Designated Mall Day

We set aside time today to make a trip to Aeon (Shimoda) Mall. The boys wanted to buy souvenirs. I hadn't realized that this mall is nine short minutes from our home. This is an important piece of information...

I often hear others say there is NO SHOPPING here in Misawa. This amuses me, as it did our older boys, because the mall here is WAY bigger than the mall we had in San Angelo. I will say that we can't always find our sizes here....but there IS shopping if you like to shop. ::snort::

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

Windy, this photo is for you. See Daiso on the right? THAT is the BIG Y100 store. Have you been to it? If not, give it a shot. I think you'll love it. It's the biggest one I've found so far. It's directly across from the playground in the parking lot.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

What I love about shopping in Japan is that I never lose the guys. I just look above the shelves. ::snort:: Americans do tend to stand out.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

Oh my word. Yes, we bought it. The string under your chin can be pulled to make the wings flap. Our beloved pig hat is falling apart.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

No, not football. Soccer!

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

No, we didn't eat here. We just took a photo. The new "Big American TEXAS Burger." I must say that they seem to love TX around here. When asked where I'm from, I say, "Oregon." I get blank stares. Then I say, "Texas," and get lots of fun reactions.

A funny thing happened at the mall. Stacia refused to use the squatty potties. I have learned that the handicapped bathrooms have western toilets. This one had an automatic door. How nice. Except the thing opened THREE TIMES while we were in there....I finally decided if I can handle an onsen, this wasn't that big of a deal. ::blush:: I'll make her use the other ones next time.

I have no clue what is going on here. I asked several.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

The numbers make me think it's a contest...there were long lines of children waiting to go on stage and have their photo taken. No one could tell me why. I wondered if it were a Japanese Santa Clause. ::snort:: Amazing lines.

These books bags are carried by young children to and from school. Young children. Check out the price....more than $248...

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

...or this one for $500.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

I guess it's tennis shoes in America and book bags in Japan? ::grin::

At the end of the mall they have a lot of NOISY, bright, games....for all ages. I'm wondering if some of them were pachinko machines. I'll have to check into it.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

Remember how close I discovered the mall to be? Erika, a friend from Bible study(the one who reminds me of my daughters), told me that she finds the best variety and prices at the farmer's market in the mall. When we first arrived Renee had taken us here. I took advantage of my chance today...oh the joy of FRESH produce in the house. I'll have to drive out there weekly. It can't take more time than running a produce co-op did.

From 2010-01-11 mall, bowling

I also bought stuff for my upcoming giveaway ::tease:: ::tease::. I need to work out a few more details before I officially announce the giveaways.

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Renee said...

Theresa can't use a squatty potty unless she is naked from the waist down. She can't go potty on the road side.,.,.for some reason she always angles so that any clothing at her ankles gets wet.... we too discovered the joys of using the handicapped toilets

Anonymous said...

how neat to find a mall so close to you. When bored or out of something to do............ MALL!

Whose talking here, I seldom go to them anymore unless I know there is a SUPPER GREAT SALE happening.

Those vegie's and fruit look very good.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Kim said...

Yep, yesterday was a national holiday. It used to always be Jan. 15th, but now is on a Monday. It is the "turning of age (20)day" Those who have/will turn 20 in 2010 often dress up in beautiful kimonos or suits and go with their friends (sometimes mothers) to a city sponsored big meeting in an auditiorum. Some cities give them celebration money too. The women's kimonos are QUITE expensive!

As for the pic - in the background it says "kerokero". This is the sound that frogs make. Sounds like you have a frog, but it is not a well know figure here. Maybe a local one for the mall?

Here's some "letters" from Jun: fjdjjghjjjbkfjkfhjghffnbfnmffnghgjthtjjgrjgkgcnjvnmfbmmnmdbvnvbfjhvkfvjjkffjbbvvxbbcn

Kim said...

Handicapped toilets - You pushed a red button to close the door from the inside? Hmmm. I've never had them open unless...Jun pushed the GREEEN button from the inside.

And pachinko is an "adults only" game, so you won't find it at a regular arcade. It is like a pin-ball machine, but I think you have tobe 18 or 20 to pay. After you "win" lots of silver balls, unoficially you take a ticket of your winnings to a little "hidden" office and get money for them. Unofficial gambling is my understanding!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

OK Kim - so now I get why I saw so many in fur lined kimonos coming out of the City Auditorium. LOL

I still don't get the frog thing.

I did push the red button....but who knows....the buttons were on both sides of the doors....

ah - I know Pachinko is gambling of some sort....I watched some adults putting yen after yen into these arcade games and wondered....we'd heard pachinko was loud and bright....and this qualified...but I guess Pachinko is even worse. I don't believe we'll visit the arcade was REALLY wild for those with sensory issues. LOL

Cynthia said...

I've often thought of the food co-op I used to have her and wonder if I should look into it again and then I remember how much work it was and decide for this particular thing I have more $$ than time....