Friday, May 14, 2010

New Neighbors in Afghanistan - Michael

My new "neighbors" are beginning to arrive.  They have been preparing the foundation for a couple of weeks, but now they have moved in some new conex's.  The open ground that had existed is now gone, but the good thing is that the light that once illuminated my room at night is now blocked by multiple layers of steel. 

This if while they were still putting in the foundation.
Placing the conex boxes was a bit of a ticklish process, but they finished it rather quickly.

And just like that; voila, new neighbors.  They still have to build the stairs, tie the conex's together, and wire it in, but the main struture is done.

This guy definitely liked having his photo taken.  As a people, they are very friendly.

The Afghan workers love coming over and playing foosball and drinking coffee.  They have been very busy putting the foundation in place, setting the conex's on that foundation, and now taking care of all of the plumbing and wiring.  A little foosball is what a soul needs to relax for a while.

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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

How fun to find new posts on the blog. I told the kids, "let me update, I didn't update yesterday" and voila - two posts by magic.

I think we need to consider these Conex for the land we buy in AK....plop and we'd be done....We could create a theme park...."ever wanted to live in a semi-trailer"....hmmmm....

The big question is - have you been playing foosball with your guests?

Michael said...

No foosball yet with the guests. They are just learning how to play. Soon, though.

Anonymous said...

HI: One thing about that type of building.......... you know it is built strong as far as walls go so you won't be falling thru anyplace....

love/prayers --T. Parents

Anonymous said...

cool! it's like lego to see what you are up you! of course...and I miss you!

Bre G