Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Status Updates March 27th

  • Had to have Jared at work by 0800 - so went ahead and took Arielle, Nolan and I to PWOC. It was a joy to be back with my tribe. 
  • What a blessing to watch my co-facilitator knock it out of the park this a.m. 
  • Michael is up a bit more and eating a bit more. All hopeful. 
  • Home for lunch and 2 hours of couch school,  then taking Nolan back to Drama. Jared has a job interview at 5:00. 
  • Shopping for clay and cotton string to make oil lamps.
  • Melt down in the chapel parking lot as I was alone...all's good....just a "Be Anxious for nothing" moment
  • Happy to discover Holy Spirit in me was a tad bit stronger than Mama Bear; room for improvement
  • Tina says Michael's color is much better
  • Michael is up more today
  • Internet is out - shake related? 
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Anonymous said...

Sis; love you all. Slow down and don't worry about what you can't get done in one day. You and Mike are great parents and workers all around.

love/prayers - Mom T.

Deja said...

Melt down...good for you. Glad you were able to get some of that out...onsen is next!

PWOC Japan said...

Love you Deja - holding on to that onsen thought. Mom - not worried about what doesn't get done - actually quite a bit is getting done as I'd planned to be traveling the next two weeks. I've been given a gift of time. LOL

Anonymous said...

praying with you for the waiting for total healing, and for all questions to be answered. Goodness, being laid up and sick is the pits. love/prayers - mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for all the prayers.