Monday, March 26, 2012

Today's Dr. Appointment - Warning! Mild incision photo

Mike has had a big day. He's spent a lot of time downstairs, went to the doc and ate a real meal for dinner tonight....Chicken Pot pie, salad, broccoli....thanks Carmen and family. 

Things weren't as great as we'd hoped for at the appointment today. There is certainly progress. He's been UP more today. The drainage has slowed. I got some really good shots of the drain without the dressing...but again we'll save the really gruesome photos for Michael's upcoming story. LOL 
He ASKED if I had my camera, I would have forgotten 

His liver numbers are going down, though still not normal. This is good. 

His pancreas number is still rising.

Another number is rising but I can't remember it's name, it would indicate stones or a clogged bile duct.

He still has the drain in case they need to do another "procedure" - not happy words.

He's lost 10 more pounds and Zander told him he looks like a skeleton.
Look close - see the drain pinned to the shirt? 
We aren't sure what is up with the lab numbers. The dr. is being cautious. We'll have more labs on Thursday...maybe they'll be normal then. In any event that will be 2 weeks post op and about time to see if it could be something other than "slow recovery" if things haven't gotten noticeably better. I think. Maybe I'm still impatient?

Oh, and he has a marvelously hoarse voice - from being intubated. This should go away with time.

Your continued prayers are appreciated......and after such a big day....Zander, Stacia and I are watching "What's in the Bible - Vol 6," the older kids are at Youth Group, and Michael is wiped out.

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Renee said...

Oh my! He looks as thin as your boys. Have y'all considered a consult in Hawaii? I'm no doc but shouldn't things be healing more quickly? I can certainly understand your inpatienc

Linda said...

That is SOME incision!

Anonymous said...

Mike/Sis: WHEW! Incision certainly speaks to the serious nature of the operation. SKINNY, not sure that is the right word. I don't remember Mike so thin ever. I would have been more than glad to have lost the weight for him....that is with out the problems. :) Continuing to pray! Hands feel tied but know praying is the one real powerful thing we can do. love/prayers - dad/mom t.

Anonymous said...

Wow! He looks like Nolan. Lol. Glad he ia getting better on some counts...will keep praying for the rest. Love you!
Bre g

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thursday will be two weeks. As long as he isn't showing symptoms of further failure, we're content to wait and have new labs on Thursday. We'll see from there. It's so hard to know as the labs didn't show a thing, and his symptoms weren't bad until he presented with a gangrenous gall yes, we are thinking we may have to get more aggressive about finding any possible answers if they aren't looking normal or greatly improved by Thursday.

Also - folks everywhere are praying and I believe.