Tuesday, December 03, 2013

OINK (Only in Korea)

The kids and I traveled to Korea in June and  looked for a few gifts.  This one we thought long about. We checked the quality. We checked the spelling  - we'd witnessed  Engrish and its consequences. We bought this to surprise Michael.  It fits. His name is spelled right. It's been far too hot to wear it in CA....but last week he pulled it out. 

And I noticed the mistake......OINK - only in Korea. Do you see it? 

Unless they've moved, I'm pretty sure the Spurs do not live and train in San AnTHonio. It makes for a fun memory and conversation starter. ::wink::

*OINK a termed I learned from ladies stationed in Korea but honestly you can find this in the Philippines, Japan....probably many places of the world.  I'm fairly certain our hiragana is often wrong on the shirts I see in the mall.

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh gee, it's even funnier since it's spelled correctly on the patch, just above, but then they embroidered it wrong.

Oh well. I'm sure I'd be a disaster at trying to write with characters!