Friday, February 14, 2014

Pre-Wedding & Decorations

A few last minute details to take care of at the church .... gift table as you come in one door of church 

BreAnne set out gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids - the rest of us took pictures....worked on flowers etc.

This table was for the sand ceremony  - this was the right side of the platform

Three separate lives about to be combined

Out of order but this is what it looked like when they were done - 3 empty bottles (Dakota joined them) and one new family. They have a frame they will pour the sand into later - but it would have taken forever for the sand to sift down if they'd used it in the ceremony. 

Good job Jared

Stacia's hair - didn't Arielle do a great job?  So glad Shelby thought to get a photo of it.  The rest of these decoration photos were taken by Shelby. 

They had a friend, Sue Beaird, make this sweet feed a crowd and stay in budget they bought the rest of the cake from Costco. 

Hung on pews

 It was hard to get a photo of the entire platform....but here is the center....

This door was perfect! 

In the reception area

Guest book - they borrowed an idea from Cy and Shelby - guests signed their names on their birthdays. 

A dear family friend loaned us the antique suitcases, the chandelier hanging from the lace platform, the cake sign, the door and a couple of other things.  The suitcases and lace etc were on the platform - but not opened like this....the picket fences were some BreAnne has used in VBS and for various church functions. 

There were keys scattered around - the significance will become apparent when I share their vows

The groom and groomsmen wore converse and black fedoras

The boys were ushers - not sure we got a photo of all four of them....but I know we have photos here are there of them. 

Finally, time to get ready for photos and ceremony - Stacia wasn't quite sure why there was so much noise from the women upstairs.  (Taken with a cell phone. LOL)

 One groomsmen and bridesmaid brought munchies.....

I didn't get a lot of photos upstairs. We were busy. We had great fun. I enjoyed getting to know BreAnne's friends in such an intimate setting. 

Dakota was Izaak's best man. 

Choosing Joy!
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