Friday, February 14, 2014

Wedding Day Brunch and Track

Friday morning....The Valentine's Day BreAnne was waiting for....and the essential things must be done! One of my hoarded masks from Asia. 

Michael hands over his mega camera to Shelby. She took some wonderful photos during and after the ceremony.....stick with me - you KNOW I HAVE to blog in ORDER. I'm already skipping the dress shopping and such to get to the wedding photos. 

I have great picture of our first look at BreAnne on her wedding day - but I promised I wouldn't blog it. 

The Texan Gherkins flew in Thursday afternoon, had Friday with us and left at 0700 on Saturday.  The only time to attempt to get us all together was a Wedding Morning Brunch. We invited everyone - but Izaak and Dakota had school, Will, Sherri and Drew had to work and Mom G had other commitments.   We pressed on.  There were nine Gherkins, my cousin Lorri, my parents and Michael and I in Krista and Drew's (nephew) living room.  We kept it simple. We did our best to accommodate all with the time limitations.

 After brunch, many (most) left to go look at Dad's Koi Pond.....BreAnne ran through her vows....

Michael ran through his charge - I think this was good for both of them. 

BreAnne and Arielle headed to the church. Michael, Krista, Jamin and me went to Hayward Field - the mecca of track....

Our next stop was the church and I think I'll begin a new post here. It was incredibly sweet to have all the kids in one location - and we made the most of our time. 

Choosing Joy!
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