Friday, February 14, 2014

Wedding Odds and Ends

I mentioned several posts back that the wedding was ready to begin and we couldn't find Zander. We checked in the gym, the bathrooms, upstairs, parking lots....finally Sherri (Sister in law and Wedding Coordinator extraordinaire) said, "Just go De'Etta and we'll find him." 

The wedding began without Zander. It was time to seat the "bonus women". 

Cy ushered Shelby down the aisle....and he saw what had happened. Zander was standing by the family pews. In front of hundreds of people....Cy had told him to stand there and make sure no one sat in the pews. Do you see where THIS is going? He forgot him! 

Zander stood there as the sanctuary filled up. The photographer wanted to sit in the pew to take a photo. 

Zander - I can't let you sit here. 

Photographer - I need to take a photo. 

Zander - We have strict regulations about this. 

Photographer - Can I sit down just to take a photo and then I'll get up? 

Zander - I'm not sure I can trust you. ::snort:: 

When Josiah reached the pew Zander was guarding he told him, "I'm so sorry, you can go...." and Zander told him, "I'm going to karate chop you." 

The crowd knew him when he came back in with the "Here Comes the Bride Job." ::snort:: 

We ran out of time to get all the family shots we would have taken - but here are a few someone took as the photographer took them. I hope hers turns out a bit better. ::snort:: 

Izaak's family
Cousins, Step Dad, Mom to the left - sons to the right
Via Facebook of  David R. 
Um....hilarious....trying to get those Gherkins in some sort of order.... 
Via Facebook of David R
 The best we have at this point
Via Facebook of David R
All of the Gherkins plus Grand Gherkin! 

Uncles enjoyed meeting Dakota

Choosing Joy!
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