Thursday, April 02, 2015

Arielle has a Plan

Arielle has wrestled through her post-graduation plans....she is logical and reasons well. About a
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month ago she told me she just wasn't sure what she was going to do - but she was moving to Oregon in any scenario. ::grin::

She's considered beauty school - which would allow her to have a job she would enjoy as she pursued her dream of being a missionary in Japan.

She's considered New Hope Christian College - and thus our college preview day last month.

She's thought of working and living a year in Oregon to establish residency - but in the end - she doesn't want to "waste" an extra year in Oregon. The idea of spending five years in one town is overwhelming to this one whose very life has been defined by Michael's military career - I was pregnant with her when we went Active Duty and Michael will retire as she graduates high school and turns 18.

She's considered taking general classes at Lane Community College.

The University of Oregon has a Japanese Immersion program (all classes are in Japanese) and she would  earn an Asian Studies degree. She seriously considered this as it would provide a solid foundation to live and minister in Japan.

Stacia informed us and Arielle confirmed ::snort::, she is submitting an application to New Hope Christian College. She'll earn a degree in Cross Cultural Studies, which she believes will prepare her with a foundation in theology for ministry in Japan. She plans to continue her Japanese lessons to continue to increase fluency.  We aren't quite sure how all the pieces of this will come together. She's correctly informed us that international moves disrupted the course all of our other high school youth have taken - working and saving for college in the years prior to entering college. God had it all planned; we'll figure it out a step at a time. LOL  I'm quite sure our international move and four years in Japan were meant to be in the larger picture.

It's been a joy to watch Arielle process her options, wait for confirmation from God, and consider her lifetime goals. She knows to hold the plan lightly.  It's ironic we are also in the process of  waiting for clear direction.....She beat us to it. ::snort::

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