Thursday, April 02, 2015

Math and Prayer

I've neglected the blog for the past two weeks. We've been quite active - but sometimes life doesn't feel "blogworthy."  Michael insists documenting the ordinary has value.  Briefly, days have been full and happy with school, meetings, play practices, "fellowship" opportunities, retirement "stuff," family fun and various doctor's appointments for both Michael and me.  Rather than trying to summarize each day I am going to share some snippets that stand out in my mind.

I've pretty much heard it all now.

"If I could protest one thing it would be school. Down with school!"

 Me - "You don't like school?"

At this point I was heaping condemnation on my head...I KNEW I should have kept up with the up to date curriculum, we need to do more crafts, we should add some lap books....

Child - "Oh, I like it, but math ruins my praying time."

Yep - there you have it - math will ruin your prayer life.... What's a Christian homeschooling mom to do? Any guesses which child thought this up? First to try this track in 26 years of homeschooling. A+ for yet another inventive way to avoid math.....
One of these girls would rather pray than do math
If you guessed our caboose - you would be correct.

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