Thursday, April 02, 2015


Yes, we DID allow, and even encourage, our daughters to be princesses. Why? We believe they ARE. We wanted them to ACT like noble royalty....considering the good of others, kind, dignified, worthy of respect.....and none of our daughters have become the "princess" that so many seek to avoid in the "princess syndrome" - in fact I believe it's all in the way you define the word, cast the vision and mentor. Yep, I HAVE freely admitted I'm a word geek - but definitions matter.

From BreAnne to Krista to Arielle to Stacia - all have become princesses. However, this one may have developed the dreaded princess syndrome.

Yuuki was brought into our home to be our forever friend - the pet we had when the children all left home.  As our life plan has changed since we adopted her, we are seriously considering her moving with Arielle or BreZaak this summer. It makes me sad.

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