Monday, September 05, 2005


This Labor Day we aren't doing a lot of typical family fun things....hopefully this is the last day of my bed rest and we can enjoy the rest of the "summer". There is talk of Mike and the kids going to the lake or finishing the big flag football game that they began last night. Stacia and I will stay home and enjoy reading the latest "Hannah Swenson" least bed rest has been good for catching up on reading.

I'll probably come back on and play with this while they are gone....try to get some recent pictures of Stacia up and out.

The picture to the right is of our family in front of Mt Denali - obviously, not this Labor Day. Though TX is wonderful, we've not seen this type of scenry down here yet.


Anonymous said...

It's come a loooong way, hasn't it?

Jared, (2 years later)

Anonymous said...

wow everyone looks the same except now their bigger B&K look about the same lol looked like it was a good day that day but im curious as to who took the picture?