Tuesday, February 26, 2019

We Choose Health

The kids and I are all-in on a new health initiative. Quite simply, "We choose health." For the kids this means portion control and cutting back on sugar. I compared the recommendations from the VA dietitian*  and the USDA website for a calorie goal and  idea of what a 17 and 14 yo should be getting. Surprised to see the changes at USDA - it lines up fairly close with the Nutritarian life-style....the difference being where one gets protein, though the USDA now lists several plant based protein sources and doesn't recommend dairy for those over 18.  

For Alex and I, choosing health means an hour a day on exercise equipment...Stacia works out with Arielle and YouTube videos.  

I have begun to drastically restrict sugar, have eliminated white foods (except cauliflower) from my diet, as well as preservatives and added fat. Because I hear this so often,  I GET MY FATS - nuts, avocados, coconut oil, nut butters.... I also GET PLENTY OF PROTEIN. My doctors repeatedly check and I'm always at the "high" level of normal. Michael does his own thing,  no one really understands what that is, but he is encouraging to us all. The deal is, if we don't feel good about our progress in 3 months we're joining a national program. 

It helps that Stacia is not baking 2 - 3x a week. Alex and I have done great getting rid of sugar. We've had a bit each week....maybe once a week....but not every time it's available. I'm working down to going off of added sugar completely by March 10th. I need to pace myself! ::snort:: 

Stacia made some GIANT chocolate chip cookies. YIKES. I said I was going to eat one...and I had 1/2 and saved the other 1/2. Saved cookies will go stale and then they are no longer tempting.  I call my new revelation the "secret of 1/2," and it works well.   Alex resisted for 2 days...and then I saw this happening. 

Look at her face! 

I told him to eat it slowly and savor it.... it is o.k to splurge once in awhile....after all he's young and hungry. He IS learning to fill up on produce. I figure he'll branch out to other options in a week or two.

In our first two weeks we lost a combined total of 14 - 15 lbs....Obviously, Alex and I are losing the most out the gate. That is ONE advantage I have in this marathon....I started needing to lose 35% of my weight....so I am losing quicker than poor Arielle with a measly 10 lbs she'd like to lose. ::Snort:: My goal is to re-establish a clean nutritarian eating plan, re-establish a workout plan which has me moving 6 days a week, and lose 5% of my body weight by Easter.

The rest don't seem to need baby goals. LOL

*In Anchorage we were told Michael's dependents could be on the VA's program....which includes exchanges, food journaling, and a weekly weigh-in/motivational meeting. When we talked about signing up  at the clinic in the Valley they INSISTED only Michael could sign up. Blech!

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