Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Benny, Bunny & Chickens

Wednesdays are most often "BENNY DAY!" CoRielle go to work and GG gets to play all day with Benny. ::grin::

Benny seems to think if he holdd the lid to his head he can talk to "Cor" and "Mommy."   

After I got Benny dressed, our first project of the day was to go on a walk - to get GG's paper. It's always fun when Benny accompanies me. 

He enjoyed throwing scratch over the fence for the girls.

GG's day begins with the paper - so Benny's must too....

...and coffee and milk....

He was not too full to have 3rd breakfast with Papa. He even shared. 

Phoenix, our rooster, does NOT appreciate when Road Runner flies the coop. They pace up and down the fence line; her clucking and him crowing. LOL 

We keep Petunia, our lame chicken, in the greenhouse. So far she has been enjoying it. Today was cold enough that Stacia didn't want to play outside with Dash. The greenhouse was the solution and all three had a good time.
Dash and Petunia

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