Sunday, April 19, 2020

Another Sunday - the new norm?

What in the world is Michael doing? 

I'll leave you to ponder that and we'll get back to it later. Today, signals the end of our family's 5th week in sequestration and the start of the 6th week of "staying at home."  We are thankful for church via You Tube.  Though we miss the real thing...with interaction between congregants.
Pastor Shannon came to visit
We had a funny moment during church. You can see Michael up there in his recliner.  I am sitting on the opposite end of the room. I flung a question up to him in the middle of clip - which he answered. Then it hit me...we're in danger of becoming the Corinthian church...wives flinging questions across the room to husbands...mayhem.  ::Snort::

Most of us took leisurely Sunday afternoon naps today. I didn't get a walk or work out in. My feet are feeling better, but I really want the blisters healed and read for walking again by tomorrow....

Check this out - the three little pines we planted made it through the winter. 

WHAT was Michel doing? Why squeegeeing the yard of course. The water from the mountain and the road all run down into our yard... what a mess it is this time of year. We are considering a French drain....but for today, I broke up the ice at the bottom of the stairs in preparation of bringing Dad down...and when we came out this sight greeted us. 

I made sugar free blondies and we enjoyed them around the fire. They aren't quite as moist as ones with sugar...but everyone ate them. Nolan and I went up and brought down ice cream for most too. Ice cream and fire...Sunday night. LOL 

Note the girls' attire...shorts and rain boots. 

Once again, I feel the need to explain Alex's actions. He is not throwing snow at her - he's putting flames in her hair out. ::snort::

I really have no words for this shot. 

Six weeks....our governor is opening up non-essential medical practices and elective surgeries. I'm not sure how long they plan to watch the numbers before talking about things like restaurants and church...but I'm at peace. We have all been very impressed with our Governor and his leadership team. When the federal government couldn't send all the tests we needed, they got several local businesses to begin making them. A local brewery made hand sanitizer.  When we couldn't get masks, they suggested making cloth masks at home, before the CDC admitted they'd be better than nothing. They are very careful and aware of how we differ from other states....I can't imagine the balancing act and the stress this time is for our state and national leaders. I've prayed for more commissioners by name in the past six weeks.  Our state numbers seem to be fairly level 5 - 10 news cases a day....sad to see the US numbers of death rising...but the rate seems to be slowing....grieved to hear Japan is having another outbreak....praying for our world.
Peace at home
 Chicken Spa - Michael is giving her an Epsom salt bath. He's researched on YouTube and she's happy to take a bath - which I think signifies things aren't great for her.  She's staying in the box and that tells me she's very lethargic.

Thus ends the day, or begins another week of Sequester 2020.

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