Saturday, April 18, 2020

Signs of Spring EVERYWHERE

Saturday was gorgeous! It was 48* when I opened the doors and sat out on the deck with tea. It was 52* when Krista and Stacia came up and suggested a walk. YES.  Dad was happy to spend the morning reading his paper on the deck. I hear it was up to 68* at our weather station - on the deck. 

Krista and Stacia thought we should do a 6 mile walk. I had been doing 3 and 4 mile walks. I was game. The boys joined us.  The only problem was I needed to be back home by 12:45 to start a Zoom Coffee Date with a couple of gals from church. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL WALK.....there were mountain views on EVERY road....and we made it home in time. It was only 4.75 miles to our home, I walked up the street and back to total 5.3 miles. I wasn't about to go less than 5 miles after all the effort we'd put forth. The girls went around again and walked 9.5 or so....I discovered blisters on the bottoms of my feet...good time to stop. 

Signs of spring in Alaska - families out walking. 
Front - Krista, Me
Back - Nolan, Alex, Stacia

We did run into what looked to be a clandestine birthday gathering on a deserted corner in the middle of nowhere.  I would have wondered about drugs...but you know not quite the same.

Water running down the roads can only mean spring break up....

First buds in our yard

 Mint tea in the sun 

The lost shovel - oh the things one discovers as the snow melts. 

A chicken in the basement. 

What? Yep - a chicken in the basement. She's not doing well and Michael has been trying to help her along. She's a great hen and lays huge green eggs...but I suspect Big Red's days are numbered. 

We grilled chicken, I made potato salad in the instant pot (genius - potatoes and eggs boiled at the same time).  Dad suggested a game of Farkle after dinner.  We checked to see if Lorri could play a game with us and she COULD. We are finding lots of ways to utilize Zoom. 
Cousin Lorri chats with Dad 
 Alex plays from the counter - far more than 6 ft from Dad....the times we live in. 

It was a fun day. Such beautiful, sunny weather...first mosquitoes! Yikes! Michael is fixing the Mosquito Magnet and I think it's time to get it going.

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