Saturday, January 23, 2021

Celebrating My "Birthday"

 My birthday is tomorrow, January 24th, but our household is busy and it seemed best to celebrate today. 

Yep,'s certainly been a year of unexpected opportunities for growth and challenges. It's been a good year. I look forward to reaching a few more milestones on my journey to wellness, investing a bit more time in relationships and living fully present...we'll see what God has in store. I've given up trying to guess. My word for the year is "now".

We went to Red Robin for dinner....and it was yummy. Then, home for "cake" and gifts. That maple bar was yummy. My stomach is upset...maybe too much fat and carbs? 

Stacia MADE this purse. I love it. She's working on a shirt too. 

Alex got this silver cross for me. 

Millie had had enough of being ignored. She believes she IS a lap dog. 

Dad spoiled me and got me the sweatshirt I'm wearing, this shirt and 2 sugar free candy bars. 

Krista and I will go out for a birthday lunch in the near future. It was a good day. I was happy we were able to find a time in the week when the whole household could be was a challenge. 
Sugar Free Goodies

P.S. I've been told I can't post photos of Michael's main gift online. 


Made 100 by my birthday...Walking Tally 103 miles out of 100 miles

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