Monday, December 13, 2021

Bella & Gideon's Date with Papa and Baachan

I believe this is the last Baachan/Papa date of the year.  Monday's we have Arielle and the boys come over for 3 hours of respite care. It was the perfect way for Michael and I to both be able to take the grands on these dates. Today, Bella and Gideon (BreZaak's children) joined us for an adventure. 

Any trip outside in -9* temps is bound to be an adventure.  We headed for a local shop to find presents for Bre and Izaak. It's always fun to watch the children's thought process. They were successful. 

We asked what they'd like to eat. Bella wanted chicken; Gideon wanted a cheese hamburger. Bella also shared with me, "Grandma, I've never been to a cafe."  Thus, a compromise was born. We did not get a McDonald's cheese hamburger, and we didn't go a cute cafe that wouldn't HAVE burgers.... but we did go to a diner and everyone was happy. 

I think a trip with Bre, Bella, Annie and Baachan is in the future - to visit a real cafe.  After lunch we headed over to the local ice cream shop...because we knew it would be a treat for the kids and we knew they had dairy free ice cream.  The gal there told me sugar free is hard to do unless you use alcohol in it...and they don't want to do that due to all the regulations they'd have to comply with if they "served alcohol." 

We headed back, wrapped the gifts in the car, and wrestled the car seats out of the van. We made it back to the house exactly at the 3 hour mark. 

Every grand gets to choose a "Baachan Shopping Gift." Benny chose a snow globe. Livie chose a Division wrap up book.  Bella and Gideon chose darling stuffed animals. The birds sing. We bought one for Annie and JoJo and took them home to give them. 
Annie, Bella & Gideon 📷 by BreAnne

It was a fun day with the grands! 

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