Monday, December 13, 2021

Absolutely Allie

 Hey - we tried to alliterate and find something similar to the Simply Stacia title. 

We could not be prouder of Allie.  Last spring, we produced work to earn her an extra 1/2 credit to accompany the 1/2 credit she had in American Sign Language (ASL). She brushed up on her ASL this summer and I researched curriculum and programs which would earn her another high school credit in American Sign Language.  As an aside, it is quite interesting to have the Japanese and the ASL threading through our home...1/2 the time I'm not sure WHAT is being talked about. ::snort:: 

I found a program written and overseen by the Director of Family Partnership, a charter school in Anchorage. Allie would be able to take a proven, teacher-graded, online American Sign Language class. They have three levels of study - for 3 high school credits.  I explained our situation to the teachers, Allie had a previous homeschool co-op class, she had worked through various websites this summer and is a senior. She had 1 ASL credit and we'd like her to earn a 2nd in the upcoming school year.  I asked if we could try Allie in Level 2. They were leery of our coursework having prepped her for the coursework. 

We settled on starting Allie in the 2nd half of Level 1. If she proved she could do the work, they would move her into Level 2 in a "couple of months." I knew Allie could do the work. I also knew that if she did 1/2 of Level 1 and 1/2 of Level 2 she would still earn one high school credit. 

Within 2 weeks Allie had finished Level 1 and moved on to Level 2. As we near the end of the FIRST semester Allie has finished Level 2 and moved on to Level 3.  Both our IDEA contact teacher and Dr. Parker agreed Allie should be awarded 2 credits for her coursework this year.   We updated her Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to reflect her actual progress. She will graduate with 3 foreign language credits! This feat earned us a call back from our contact teacher. We had been told Allie wouldn't be able to qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS). I told our teacher our focus was going to be strengthening Allie's transcript so it would reflect well for college entrance, and we'd apply for other scholarship streams. This we set about doing. She has earned 2 math, 2 science, 1 creative writing and 2 1/2 foreign language credits since we were told she'd not be able to qualify for the APS. She is currently taking psychology and Brit Lit - also courses approved by the APS. It seems Allie is a "hair" away from being able to qualify for the APS now.  She needs math.  She has worked hard on math the past 10 months. She finished the math she was doing, did Pre-Algebra, and is currently chugging through Algebra 1.  Her contact teacher wonders if Allie can "kick up the pace" and earn 2 more math credits in the upcoming semester.  That's a pretty thick "hair" away. LOL  BUT it won't hurt to try.  Regardless, we couldn't be prouder of Allie's determination and drive. 

Here is a quick glimpse into Allie's ASL coursework. In this clip she and Stacia are demonstrating how to make a smoothie. 

Allie's teacher works as a deaf interpreter and her husband is a deaf pastor.  We are excited about the opportunity to attend a deaf church and get to know the deaf community. Allie has a gift; we saw it. Her teacher and the director of the course confirm it. Allie has been invited to join the American Sign Language National Honor Society. This will give her more experience with ASL and the chance to apply for scholarships from the society. 

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