Monday, December 13, 2021

Gingerbread, Advent Hunt & Cake

Lindsey gave me a gingerbread man yesterday at church. She warned me it had been in her cupboard for a long time. She thought the kids may enjoy decorating it. Stacia pulled out some leftover frosting she had in the fridge. I thought it would be a great activity for Benny and GG while we were out today. We try to get Grandpa involved in things, we have the best luck when it involves Benny or Danny.  Look at those faces! 

πŸ“· by Arielle

Anyone who knows my Dad, knows he's teasing Benny. He's trying to pull the gingerbread man away while Benny smiles for the camera. 

Benny checks the directions to make sure GG is doing it right. LOL 

πŸ“· by Arielle

Benny was proud to show me this man when we got home. 

Benny's favorite feature is the hair. "I used PRETZELS, Baachan!" I think it's pretty great too. 

Millie doesn't love her antlers; Benny was happy to help out. 
Teasing me - he ate a button from the gingerbread man

Nolan was home today. He's finished one class and started the next. It was fun to have him for dinner and this evening's Advent Hunt. 

Advent Scavenger Hunt Clue: Four brings me light, Four brings me dark, Old is above.

Michael WARNED everyone the clues would get harder as we went along. Nolan has the reputation of being able to figure them out. There was a lot of milling around as they tried to figure this one out. 

It went a bit like this - Four things that bring light and dark.... light switches, windows, electrical outlets, and doors were explored. They went to the garage (pictures inadvertently deleted). Allie checked Potter's Closet.  

From time to time we admitted we needed a new clue. 

Finally, Michael gave a hint that it was NOT in the garage or basement and we all focused upstairs.... until he gave us the final hint... it wasn't upstairs either.  We headed to the entry way. 

Allie found it first...the 4 that bring light and dark to me, is the closet door. The bag was hid on the top shelf. Above it is an alcove with lots of antiques. 

Inside the bag were four shirts...

Stacia was busy baking today. She made a 6 in cake that all say was yummy - but RICH. She's practicing with frosting... They celebrated their find and ended the night with pieces of cake. 

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