Tuesday, September 06, 2022


 I was up at 0500. It's now 10:26 pm (2226).  I thought it would be a great idea to get as much done as possible today for tomorrow night's Women's Ministry launch. 

Before I began any of the local projects, I did take time to check in with Bible Babes as we've begun a new study. 

I began baking scones. My oven is downstairs as the upstairs oven is still not here (a very long story).  The tasted good but they all listed to the side. I did NOT turn the cutter - straight down and up. Someone told me to place them on the pan so they touch - like cinnamon rolls - this was to make them rise up - instead of over...and it did...but they aren't as flakey. The texture is different. I may make more scones tomorrow and I'll have a zillion ugly (ok -  only 3 batches), listing, imperfect scones to eat here through the winter. I double wrap and freeze them. 

The blueberry muffins turned out well. 

I also got GG breakfast, spent an hour in the garden, and did a mountain of laundry. 

When I took Allie to work, I went ahead to the church to "do all I can do today...." I set up tables, decorated a bit...couldn't make the copies I needed to make....but made a good list of what I still needed to buy or bring from home....

I walked in the door, and it smelled wonderful! Stacia made chicken divan and a salad for dinner. I love having young adults. 

After dinner - not realizing I didn't like the texture of the first batch of close together scones, I made two more batches....pumpkin spice and plain...and placed them close together so they wouldn't list to the side. Y'all I follow all the tips...grate the butter, massage in the butter, round cutters...but this close together thing - I'm just not sure. I may just let them list. ANYWAY, while I waited for them to come out of the oven, I shared with Michael I thought I'd go do shopping for tomorrow night and Thursday night's event at 11:30 p.m. He asked to please go to Fred Myers. I had an hour - ran to the store, rushed through the store and got done before they closed.  His concern was things are a bit sketch around Carrs at midnight. 

The thing is I waited and pulled the scones out of the oven, and I ran off to the store. They were too hot to handle, and I didn't give it a thought. Um...it appears they should have been separated when they were hot. They cooled and I have a lovely pan of pull-apart scones.  I'm thinking more baking in the a.m. and I'll either,  ::shudder:: cut them into triangles like Americans DO...or I'll let them list delightfully to the side. Because they are SO flakey and yummy when I don't smash them together. I'm fairly certain the listing thing is why American's cut them in triangles....my triangles don't list...but they seem to be more evenly cooked in a round. I think I'm crazy. 

That will be tomorrow's project. 

No, not a single picture. I've been too busy today. I did take garden photos. I'll do that next and then hop into bed and start over tomorrow. 

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