Tuesday, September 06, 2022

All Things Chicken

 The girls were THRILLED with all the extra greens and stalks being thrown their way in the wake of the moose visit. 

Melon vines....sigh.

This gal thinks the best place to lay eggs is the top of the rabbit hutch. I'm quite sure Dash isn't happy about this scenario. 

Every morning is an Egg hunt! I love it. I found 9 this morning. The eggs are still tiny, but they eat well and taste great. I'm amazed such tiny shells can have double yolks. 

Some have asked about the chick. She's doing well. It's difficult to grab photos as Mama is protective and she's usually sits on her when I get out the camera. ::grin:: I have to be FAST to grab a shot...and the phone isn't very fast. LOL 

The chickens were a bright spot in the day. We like them better than the moose this time of year. The moose are fun to watch when we don't have a garden planted. LOL 

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