Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Bachan's Not Allowed or One Rainy Day

 In honor of the rain, I brought the boys their winter drinks this a.m. They were thrilled. I hear Dad woke up at 0800 as I left the house. Such are Tuesdays - up and at em! 

Benny and I did a bit of school this a.m. He wanted to save math and Bible to do with mama when the little boys are sleeping. That's fair. 

I soon discovered Benny really wanted to build a fort. We couldn't go outside in the rain because *I* didn't want to get all wet. The 2-year-olds were a bit "rowdy" and building a fort seemed a grand idea. Into the "Wreck Room" they went. LOL  They started with the typical fort. The comforter came off the top bunk....

Danny & Charles

They dragged chairs into the room, more blankets came out... the fort grew and grew.  By the time it was done it was truly amazing. I have no photos as I was not allowed to take more pictures. 

I heard words I was not prepared for, words I've never heard before from the boys! "Bachan's not allowed in the fort!" 


As my friend Rachel said on Facebook, " Forts are not proper forts if a grandma can wander in Willy-Nilly. "

They barricaded the door. I was shut out. 

It only took minutes to realize the benefits of this situation. THEY were shut in, contained, happy and entertaining themselves. I set in the dark hallway, because the boys insisted on darkness, and caught up on MarcoPolos. It was a win win.  They kept busy for about 1 1/2 hours. 

Right up until the moment they yelled for me to break through the barricade and take their picture sleeping in the fort, which I was happy to do! 
Benny, Danny & Charles

The 2's love me to read to them. Charles especially seems to like to snuggle on the couch and read. He brought a book I know well. I noted the name written in the corner. Benny said, "I must have written that." ::snort:: I assured him it wasn't him...Uncle Alex marked this one. 

A Sonlight read aloud we still enjoy 

We moved on to play a rousing game with Charle's big red therapy balloon.  Arielle came home and I was off. 

I ran to the pharmacy again - I didn't envision multiple trips to the pharmacy each week when we dreamed of retirement. I have requested they give us 3 months instead of 1 month supplies of all Dad's meds. I was told Medicare doesn't like to do this, but Dad is on over 20 meds....this is getting silly. LOL I'm a frequent flyer at the pharmacy. The pharmacist agreed and is working on the situation. 

I dropped off books at the library. 

I took a minute, ok ten minutes, to sit in the parking lot and send two Marco Polos...because I literally can't find a moment or space at home to do Marco Polo these days. 

I ran home and got Dad lunch. He went down for a nap and I....

ran and picked up a new friend Rachel, not to be confused with online Rachel, and off we went to Sophia's for tea/coffee. A funny thing that happened....I kept my eye on the clock as I don't like to be THAT customer. At some point I noted they were sweeping floors and straightening up and I ASKED when they closed. They said 3, it wasn't yet 2. We sat and visited, and I marveled at how much we covered in such a short amount of time... eventually there was us and one elderly gentleman reading the paper. We began to smell pine. They were mopping the floor. I asked if they were closed...they WERE. It was 3....but the clock still said 1:45 p.m. I let them know their clock needs new batteries. ::snort:: 

Ah man - I don't take photos of friends when we get together because I never want them to think I am spending time with them to have blog fodder. Certainly not with a NEW friend like Rachel. However, I SHOULD have take a shot of our mugs! No mug shot today, that was my only mug. 

We decided to pull out all the prepared bits and pieces of freezer food for dinner. Michael and GG have developed sore throats, and I assumed they wouldn't want to eat. I assumed wrong. Nonetheless we made progress on clearing out the convenience food we purchased for dip-netting.  

The girls and Michael have been completing weekly writing prompts. One is picked each week and each write on the same prompt. We catch a moment when we're all home, and I read them all...because I am more about journal writing and such than being TOLD what to write....

3 perspectives on Murder and Mayhem

This week's prompt was "murder and mayhem" and it was HILARIOUS to see how all three treated it differently. Michael's was a humorous rant on alliteration, Allie's delved into psychology and Stacia rewrote the ending of Grimm's Rapunzel.

I'm not sure what happened...we moved on from prompts to talking and the girls went to bed. I looked up and it was 0100 and I told Michael I thought I was going to end the conversation and go to bed. LOL  Which I did. 

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