Sunday, June 23, 2024

Father's Day - Round 2

THIS Father's Day - Round 2. Those who are able to will join us this evening for homemade icecream....however, church first. I did not go to Eagle River today with the family. I was up bright and GG ready and then booked for Wasilla to attend church with CoRielle. 

Have you ever noticed how MANY hymns are about death, dying and heaven? We started with "When We All Get to Heaven"...and ended with "I Fly Away." Just something I noticed. 

After church I took delight in a picnic with the boys and Ellie on the church grounds. They have a great sand box and play structure. We had no trouble amusing ourselves. 

"Would you like coffee, Bachan?"

"What do you want for BREAKFAST, Bachan?"

Discovering a ladybug. 

You have this, Benny! 


I made a run by Three Bears on my way home for cream, ice and rock salt. I got home at about the same time as the Eagle River crowd. Krista was home this weekend in between her 2 1/2 week trip to Hawaii/Guam and their 2-week vacation to the Lower 48 with the kids. They stopped by and it was great fun to fit in a visit. Luke's parents, Mark and Mona, were also here.  We had two ice cream makers running. This one was giving us a bit of trouble, so Jared brought it inside. Benny was his assistant. 

Krista and a bunch of the kids

 It was a great day! We played games, ate ice cream and visited. 

There were a few other pictures, but as I'm blogging from the vantage point of 3 days later, I think I'll include them in the rest of the story post. 

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