Monday, July 01, 2024

Michael's War on Evil Plants

 I blogged last week about Michael getting into Devil's club and the welts, rash, burns and blisters he had. It is STILL nasty, but most have blistered and are now peeling. It turns out that the most prolific is the Cows Parsnip. THIS is what causes the burns and blisters if the sap is on you and then you are exposed to sun.  THIS  article is helpful. It seems they grow along with Devil's Club and Monkshood - both of which we also have and are also toxic. It's a battle.  

Michael tackled them again today. He wore a long sleeved Gortex and came in and washed immediately. It was also an overcast day. Maybe the key is to tackle them on overcast days. 

He reclaimed a lot of the yard. We need to haul it all to a burn pile in the back acre. THIS is not the season to be burning.  It also seems all these plants are toxic so maybe we should make sure it's not going to multiply if we burn them. LOL  They are evil...all of them...though they are kind of pretty. 

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Anonymous said...

Eli got this all over him just prior to traveling to Ohio. It was terrible! I took part of the plant to the hospital on base. Doctor said he knew what it was before even looking at the plant! Poor kid had horrible blisters all over.