Monday, July 01, 2024

Off On An Adeventure

Monday adventures are the very best kind. Stacia's an excellent Dog Mama. She routinely takes Millie out for runs and drives.  Stacia and Millie invited me to come along with them today. Stacia will soon be starting a new job, it isn't easy for me to break away, but Michael stayed with GG and so we were off to find an adventure.  Millie has quite the set up in the back of Stacia's Vibe! She doesn't lay in the bed until the hatch is closed. 

Note the bed - which is anchored to the back seat, and the hooks around the back which hold her collapsible food bowls etc. Her leash is attached when the car is moving. There is also a suctioned bowl for water. She's got it made!  This is her sitting on her bed...Stacia put on piano jazz, Millie's favorite, and she settled right down. 

We drove down to a local river and tossed a ball, walked up ATV trails and inspected wildflowers.  

We were told we'd find Sasquatch in these mountains if we looked for them. We have and we haven't.

I'm glad we carved the time to steal away before Stacia is busy with more classes and a job. We live in such a beautiful state. 

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