Monday, October 19, 2009

My Roaster (Saturday)

I've been a bit sad to find that I only brought one teapot and two teacups. WHAT was I thinking? I also didn't bring a lot dishes. I remember that Bobbie Jo suggested I leave everything I didn't need in storage and buy things in Japan. GREAT idea….I plan to buy some teapots and tea cups here.

I NEED a roaster. I've had my eye on the Pampered Chef roaster for years but would never spend the $.

I was in Homac Saturday, looking for shelves and a roaster, and found THIS. I'm not sure what it's meant to cook. I had to figure out how to ask if it could go in the oven, because I couldn't read the box, and the ladies said it would be o.k.


Isn't it great? It's big, worked great and is Japanese….and cheaper than what I was looking at in America. I'm satisfied. There are matching small dishes I can buy to go with it….maybe they're for rice or ramen? I could do a whole post about the great dishes around here.

Kim, I'll be emailing you the box so you and Ryu can tell me if there are any special care instructions I should know about. ::snort::

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Kim said...

This is a special pot for "nabe" - which means Pot! HAHAH! It is for the one-pot family meals. You put the pot on a burner in the middle of your table, throw in a bunch of thinly sliced pork or beef, tons of veggies and some soup stock. When it is cooked, you take it out with your own chopsticks (family dish!), and put it in the little bowls with some dipping sauce - maybe a soy flavor or a citrus or sesamae flavor! YUM!

Never heat it up without something in it, and...not sure what else. I'd never heard of using it in the oven, but...if it works!

Official name is "do nabe" "do" means dirt! Same word for Saturday - do youbi! Dirt/clay pot! Feel free to send a pic of the directions! We'll do our best!

Oh, you can make sukiyaki in it too! We just had this at a friend's cabin the other day! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Love the POT. You know how I love dishes and the likes. Think i would go nuts in Japan and China when it comes to buying such things. Bet you end up with some neat tea things.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Dana said...

I believe tea is an "essential" in the Asian cultures. My father is an overseas professor in Hong Kong (he's American) and he's sent me two really beautiful tea sets complete with pot and Chinese tea. I really love them.

Do they steam the rice over there in Japan?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim - can you email at I only have your facebook contact and find that I never make it to fb these days....I do have photos of the instructions for my dirt pot. LOL And I have another question for you as well.